So I dyed my hair…

Hey everyone! It’s been so hard keeping up with posting T^T, but I finally got the chance to sit down with my green tea and write this post. As you all can tell from the title, today’s post is on my dyed hair.

If you all remember, I wrote a post back in the summer time about wanting/trying to dye my hair. In that post I tried DIYing it by using markers (Read it over here: DIY Hair Dye Using Markers?!?! Does it Work?). So something happened with that… and now I actually did go bleach, dye, and go through that entire process. I only dyed the ends of my hair aka dip dyed it a blue color. Instead of getting it professionally done ( I do suggest that option) since you all know how expensive going to the salon can get, I went to my friend’s house.

I’m sure you all know, dark hair (especially Asian hair) is a pain if you want to dye it an unnatural color. You have to bleach it and that is so bad for your hair, but I decided to just do it.

A week before I dyed my hair, I went on a rampage of researching how to take care of dyed hair. I tried treating my natural hair with coconut oil since I read that it helped hydrate it.  However, it seemed to make my hair look oily and dried it out! I’ve abandoned that idea… It is best to dye healthy Virgin hair and it will give you better results. Anyway, even without the coconut oil, my hair was already pretty healthy.

So first if any of you are thinking about DIYing it, remember to wear an old T-shirt. I didn’t have to buy any materials besides a dry shampoo and Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner (which I only bought for hair care) since my friend had all the materials for the bleach and dye.

The first thing she did was mix the bleach powder and developer (I think it was in a 2:1 ratio). Then she applied to the bottoms of my hair, working her way to the middle parts, but only slightly. We waited for 45 mins and omg guys. My hair turned orangey/brown! It dried out my hair and it felt crunchy (which scared me). Then she washed it out and blow dried my hair. We had to bleach it one more time and waited another 45 mins. After that, my hair was so light. It looked pretty good to the point that I actually thought about not dying my hair a blue color and just leaving it be.

But we continued and she used “Adore” hair dye in the color “Royal Navy”.  We let that sit in my hair for a while, but by that time it was getting late so I returned home. I actually let it sit for 3-ish hours which is pretty long, but I was told the longer the dye sits, the better. Then I washed it off with cold water.

I couldn’t see the actual color since my hair was wet, but the next morning, I could see some pretty neat results. Instead of being a true blue color, it ended up a blue-green. I didn’t mind since teal is my fav color. My new hair color isn’t crazy noticeable, but if you see me in front and were pretty close, then it was visible. I received so many compliments^^

Surprisingly, the ends of my hair did not turn out dry at all and was pretty darn healthy! I’ll make another post on how I treat my hair~



-So what do you guys think? I will post a hair care routine soon. Pls. leave a comment, like, and follow! And if any of you have any tips on treating dyed hair, pls do comment below and help a girl out. Thanks for reading!!
~CY @kpop9019

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