Orange Mirai Movie Review

Hey everyone!

Yes, today’s post is a mini review on another Orange related thing.

Plot: Orange is told through Suwa’s point of view.  (Read “Orange”-Japanese Anime and Movie for the full detailed plot)

Duration: 1hr.

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Slight Spoiler Alert! (Watch anime first!!)

Thoughts: I always felt bad for Suwa since Naho was always going to end up with Kakeru. In this movie, this happens again. Suwa feels regretful and guilty for taking away Naho when she was supposed to end up with Kakeru so he tries his best to fix the wrongs. He is so selfless T^T

Half of the movie is a replay of the anime while the other half focuses on the character’s future selves (how they sent the letters, their feelings, etc.) and what actually happens when Kakeru is saved. Tbh, this movie flew by very quickly and it didn’t hit me in the feels I guess considering I already knew what was going to happen. This movie also clarifies/ reveals why the anime is named “Orange”. When I first watched the anime, I was always curious of why the creator named it “Orange” since it seemed like a strange and unique name. This movie will tell you the reason behind the name. Anyways, if you need closure to the story, then this will suit you.

Music: I’m pretty sure the music is the same as the anime but I’ve never really paid any attention during the anime since I was so fixated on the plot. Watching the movie made me appreciate the beauty of the music. The ending song also was a little throwback and is still as good as always.

Characters: I didn’t do a character analysis on my previous review on the movie & anime, so I’ll do a quick one right now. The characters developed and ended up the same way as the anime (not many differences). Kakeru grew to accept his flaws and forgave himself, knowing that it was not his fault that his mother committed suicide. Suwa is very supportive of Kakeru and Naho’s relationship. Naho was very quiet before, but learns that there are times where she has to take initiative.

This movie was very short and simple. If you have a spare hour, ofc give this a try (but watch the anime first if you haven’t already)! Thanks for reading!! Pls leave a like, comment, and follow!!!

~CY @kpop9019

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