The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer Review

Hearing great reviews on this product, I decided to purchase it and try it myself!

I literally hear about this product and brand nearly everyday! All the Youtubers I follow speak highly about this concealer and so I decided to give it a go!

When I first opened it from my mail, I noticed that it was a lot smaller than I had imagined! It may look normal sized in the pics I shared, but in real life, it is pretty darn small!! I admit, I was a little disappointed by the size, but when I got it from Amazon, it only costed a little over $5 so for that price, that’s not too bad.


As you all can see, I have used this concealer quite a lot

This is in the shade #1.5 natural beige. I always go for a light-medium tone since I’m always too afraid to go to the lightest shade, but tbh, when I blend out this product it is the slightest too dark for me, but manageable. I believe it comes in 4 shades: #1 clear beige, #1.5 natural beige, #2 rich beige, and brightener.

One thing I love about this product is the brush, or tip applicator. It was very easy to apply with this brush and dispensed a perfect amount of product.

Here is a swatch:

It has a medium-full coverage and is easy to build upon. I’ve also heard that this concealer is great for covering up acne and being acne-prone myself, I can say it does a pretty decent share as a cover-up. Sometimes, I get a big zit and when I use this, it does not cover it up completely (which does frustrate me), but what can I expect when it is this inexpensive? It works well on smaller pimples and ok on acne scars. As for longevity, it does last for a couple of hours, but it does require some touch-ups as the day progresses. And yes, just like most foundations and concealers, whenever you blow your nose, this product does transfer onto the tissue. I know there are a lot of different reviews on this product, as some seem to say that this product lasts longer than I have experienced, but I have also found once that this product has shown some of my dry patches when I had used it on my chin and nose. Anyways, I have used this product for about 3 months now and there still seems to be a lot of product left, so that is a plus!


  • Cheap
  • Tip brush is easy to use
  • Product lasts months even tho. given its small size
  • Ok coverage
  • Easy to build-up


  • Limited shades available
  • Small size
  • Does not last all day/ Requires touch-ups
  • Does not cover big pimples well
  • May show dry patches

All in all, I would recommend this product for you to try since it is only a dollar or so over $5! It gives pretty good results. Out of 5 stars, I would rate it a 3.8!

Did any of you try out this product or plan on to? Pls. leave a comment below, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!!

~CY @kpop9019

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