Lost Days Japanese Drama Review

Hey everyone! Let’s get started with this drama review~

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# of Eps: 10 (each are around 36 mins)

Genre: Romance, Suspenseful, Drama

Plot: 6 good friends are on a long awaited graduation trip. They think that it’ll be the most memorable trip before they all go into employment, however, during this trip, many conflicts arise that question how true their friendship really is. A murderer is also on the loose.

Slight Spoiler Alert!!

THOUGHTS: I was very excited to watch this drama when I read the part of the “murderer” aspect on some other plot overview. I thought that it would be semi-thriller and horror, but to my disappointment, the murder plays a very small role (only towards the end for like 5 secs). This drama focuses more on the conflict between the 6 friends and 1 mysterious man. There is an affair, a lot of jealously, and lying. For me, I found the plot interesting, but when I actually watched it, it was a little boring.

Characters: At the beginning of the drama, I was ok (a little confused), but generally ok with all the characters. However, as the drama proceeded, I found myself hating most of them as they are actually very selfish. The group, overall, does grow as they realize and learn to forgive each other but I was very ticked off for most of the part.

Music: There was a lot of eerie background music which I guess helped set up the mood. The opening song was a little catchy since I would sometimes lie in bed and start thinking about it.

Ending: … WHAT KIND OF ENDING WAS THIS?!??! Something surprising happens towards the end, but the way all the characters handled it made them seem SO irresponsible!!! They were all so ridiculously calm, but if that happened to me I knew I would freak out! I didn’t like all the jealousy and running away, and overall their friendship shattered!! I expected more out of it since there seemed to so much mystery in the beginning, but the middle to end was not at all appealing. It was very incomplete.

End Thoughts: I wouldn’t say this drama was a waste of my time (even tho. this was such a negative review) as it opened my eyes of conflicts that may be happening around. Would I re-watch this? Nope!

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~CY @kpop9019

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