Tips and Hair Care Routine for Dry Damaged Bleached Hair

Hey everyone! This post is a bit overdue, but better late than never right?

In April, as many you guys may know, I got the ends of my hair bleached twice and dyed blue. Since I knew this would severely dry my hair out I researched before and after having my hair done how to combat this problem.



  1. Buy color safe shampoo and/or conditioner

Buying specific types of shampoo and conditioner will allow the color to last longer and some of the shampoos and conditioner may have a double effect; it will not only make the color last longer, but will also treat it.

My friend who dyed my hair recommended me to use Shea’s Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner ($11.49 for 13.0 oz)  on my ends. For me, since I only did the tips, she said I didn’t need to buy a color safe shampoo and only had to be careful when I got towards the ends of my hair. But I do personally as well want to recommend the Shea Moisture’s because it did make my hair seem as soft as before and my other friend also told me that my tips were not dry at all. I’ve never used purple shampoo (which is used to tone out the brassiness out of bleached/dyed hair) but if you want to use one, go buy one! I’m sure it would help treat the hair as well.

2. Do Hair Masks once in a while

After the bleach and dye, your hair is bond to not be as soft or silky as it may have been, so make sure to purchase or DIY a hair mask in order to help retain or provide nutrients to your damaged hair.

3. Washing your hair is going to be different

I don’t know about you all, but before I dyed my ends, I always washed my hair with hot to lukewarm water (hot is bad I know..). Now, I turn the temperature to a colder one. This step is necessary because cold water allows the dye to sit in your hair longer as hot or warmer water will strip the color away and let it fade faster.

4. Do not wash your hair everyday

I used to wash my hair every two days, but now I wash it two to three times a week. I know that sounds so bad, but personally, my hair doesn’t get oily fast. I have a friend who has to wash her hair everyday since her roots get oily fast, but I advise not to wash as often as she does. Your roots are going to need that natural oil to nourish your hair and washing it with shampoo (with chemicals in it) will strip your scalp of what it needs. You are going to have to alter your washing schedule after the new color change.

5. Wet hair is the most brittle

I’m sure many of you have heard that towels are bad for drying your hair since it breaks your hair easier so opt for an old t-shirt. If you don’t want to use one (like me), gently pat your hair. Never rub it! Also, avoid brushing your hair after washing it since hair is the most brittle when it is wet.

6. Let your hair breath and try to avoid curlers/straighteners/etc. for your hair (anything that may involve heat)

If you want to curl or straighten your hair, make sure to use a heat protectant spray beforehand. Do not always heat on your hair and let it breath more often. After the bleach and dye, your hair gets really dry, so using heat is not the best option.

7. Hair oils are useful

I can’t personally vouch for this one since I’ve never tried any hair oils, but I’ve heard many Youtubers and other platforms advise to use hair oils as it makes hair softer. I’ve also heard someone say not to use coconut oil for your hair. Coconut oil may suffocate the hair and actually dry it out. This one I have actually tried out. A week before I got my hair done, I tried applying coconut oil to the ends of my hair and it made it look unappealingly straight and oily. My friend also looked at it and said that my hair looked dry.

8. Dry shampoo is going to be your best friend.

Since you should not wash your hair everyday (tip #4), use dry shampoo. I only wash my hair two to three times a week, and I always use dry shampoo so I don’t have to strip my hair of the natural oils. A good one I like to use is Batiste Dry Shampoo, Original.

9. After getting your hair done, ask your stylist or whoever does it to give you some dye to take home.

If you do not want to go the stylist as often, then ask him or her to mix some of the hair dye into a conditioner in a small container for you to take home. This way, whenever you feel that your hair color is fading, you can apply this mixture into your hair and make the color last longer.

10. Brush your hair carefully.

This is probably a no- brainer (I needed to reach a 10th tip since 9th seemed a weird number to stop at) , but do not vigorously brush your hair. Whenever I brush my hair now, I slow down and pick the ends up to brush gently. I’ve also heard wood wide teeth brushes to be good for your hair.

Hair Routine:

**Ok, this post is going to get super long, so I’m just gonna quickly jot my routine down.

The days I wash my hair:

  1. I brush my hair out before washing so in the shower, my hair does not tangle up.
  2. I turn the head to a colder temperature and shampoo twice ( I make sure to be careful when I reach the ends).
  3. I use Shea’s Moisture Restorative Conditioner and let it sit for a few minutes before washing it out.
  4. I use a towel and pat dry my hair.
  5. If this is a day when I want to redo my dyed hair (I usually redo it every other or every 2 weeks), I blow dry it (cos I have no time to wait for my hair to air dry all the way), and apply the dye. I let it sit for a couple of hours and put a shower cap over it (so the dye doesn’t transfer) before washing it out.

Here is what the dye- conditioner mixture looks like:

So on days where I do not wash my hair, I use dry shampoo and I try to not use heat on my hair (every two days, etc.)

-So, do any of you have your own tips? Leave it in the comments below, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!!

~CY @kpop9019





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