My Experience in Hong Kong Pt.2

Pt.2 of my experience in HK will consist of week 2. I will be posting a Pt.3 soon since after writing this out, I figured that it was going to be too long. If you haven’t read pt.1 yet, here is the link: My Experience in Hong Kong Pt.1

Week 2:

Starting off this week, was a very huge surprise! I was at a.p.mall for high tea with some of my relatives when I saw hundreds (I’m not kidding) of girls crowding at the center and many more were also crowded at the other 4 levels above. I asked a girl what was going on and I secretly hoped that maybe there would be a kpop star that was coming. To my delight, it turned out that Kim Samuel (from Produce 101/ One x punch) was coming at 3 p.m!!!!! I immediately cancelled high tea and waited by myself for him to come out for a hour and half. Let me tell you all, it was VERY hot!!! Girls were screaming and pushing. I was even wondering if it was worth the wait. What was even ridiculous was that when he actually came out, girls brought their own stools and stood up on them even though they were at the VERY front line. I mean I was considered pretty close since I had come so early and these girls blocked every view. Luckily, I was able to get a few close-up pics and videos recorded~

I’m Star strucked and his new song ‘Sixteen’ is so good~

The next few days was very rainy and there was even a typhoon that rose to level 8 (out of 10) by the end of the week. Luckily, the typhoon did not hit Hong Kong directly so the weather wasn’t too bad.

After the rain, my family and I went to some of the parks and got to see some cute sculptures of popular cartoon characters. If you walk into the park, you will find a Chinese garden and many birds. For the first time, I got to see flamingos irl~. There were also huge cages filled with parrots and some other exotic birds.

So pink O.o


Hong Kong malls are very interesting because they had some sort of theme and they would have sculptures of some of the characters. At one mall, outside there was a LINE theme.

Near the end of this week, I attended the Hong Kong book fair where they were stealing books for a cheaper price. My relatives all advised me to go a few days after the opening of it because the first day is always packed! Even though I went a few days after the opening, there were still hundreds of people that went. Most of the books they sold were in Chinese, but there were also stands that sold English books. To my disappointment, I wanted to buy mangas/artbooks and I also saw that there were magazines about Kpop idols or Japanese fashion, but they were all in Chinese and they were being sold for a REALLY cheap price T^T

The next day, we rode on a tram throughout the city and back for fun. I wouldn’t exactly recommend doing this since it is not air-conditioned so it was very crowded at some point. It is very cheap to ride on on the bright side.

If you want to buy clothing for a cheap price, I would recommend that you check out Sham Shui Po and Mong Kok. There they have tons market places that sell decent clothing like underwear, socks, shirts, hats, bags, etc. One thing you should note though, is that you cannot try them on nor can you return it so be careful when you buy something.

So that wraps up week 2 of my trip to Hong Kong! I really thought that I would be able to combine weeks 2 and 3, but after writing this all out, I realized that I had a lot more to say then I had thought! Week 3 will be posted soon so stay tuned~

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~CY @kpop9019



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