My Experience In Hong Kong Pt.3

This is part 3 of my experience in HK. Here are the links to pt.1 and pt.2 if you have not read them yet: My Experience in Hong Kong Pt.1 and My Experience in Hong Kong Pt.2. This post will be mainly about Macau and China (Guangzhou).

Week 3:

Macau: (stayed there for 2 days and 1 night)

To start off this week, we took an hour ferry ride to Macau. The trip there seemed to go by fast since I was watching kdramas so if you get bored, I would recommend downloading shows or just sleep I guess. The ride there was fine; I didn’t get sea sick at all so if you are you should be ok.


Ferry ride there


I stayed at Macau for 2 days and 1 night. When we got to Macau, we first found our shuttle bus that took us to the hotel we were staying at. And boy there were a lot of tourists! After checking in, we found the tower were staying at and there were tons of people waiting for the elevators. After finally managing to get on one, it took forever to get to our level since we were in the high 20s. There was literally a stop for every level and it got really annoying -.-

Look at dat view OuO

We left our luggage at the hotel and then took a shuttle bus to another hotel. At that resort, there was a street filled with a lot of food stalls and stores. We got there a little too early as there was not many people there, but we returned later that night and it was pretty full. The food stalls had stuff like popular Hong Kong style snacks and restaurants ranging from Chinese to Thai to Korean and etc.

The next day we took a shuttle out again, but this time to go see the ruins of St. Paul Cathedral. It was a long and hot walk there, not to mention we took a few stops to check out the many food shops. The egg rolls and peanut candy are the BEST in Macau, especially a brand called Koi Kei Bakery so def. check them out! They are ok priced but if you buy a lot it will either get very pricey or cheaper since they want you to buy more. Anyway, even though it was my second time at Macau, the Cathedral was still really nice to see.


Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral


Later that day, we met up with my uncle and we took a bus to the border to enter into China. When we arrived, there were at least a hundred people! In order to cross the border you need to present the necessary documents and the lines were so long! My family had made mine and my sister’s documents so it was very quickly to pass through (not going into detail as to what they were).

China: (stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights)

It was pretty late by the time we arrived at my uncle’s yet another apartment (I swear he is so rich T^T). He took us out to eat at a nearby cafe/restaurant and it was 9 pm by that time. Nothing really happened for the rest of that night. We just washed up and slept.

The first full day there, my relatives had to go work so all we did was walk around in a mall and outside shops. As you can tell, we actually spend a lot of time in malls when we go to HK and in this case China. Later that night, we were taken to a very traditional or more like old place where you sit anywhere and serve yourself. You order the food and then get your own utensils and make your own tea (with the tea leaves provided ofc). They have plastic gloves for you to wear if you need to use your hands to eat. It was actually very interesting and nice as it was my first time experiencing eating there. I would totally go back~

After the dinner, I got my first full body massage! And let me tell you, IT HURT A LOT! I didn’t know someone’s hands could be that painful! I felt like my muscles were being pulled and cracked. My body got sore the next day, but immediately after the massage I don’t know if it was because I was numb or whatever, but it actually felt pretty good.

The next day, we went to a clubhouse since my uncle was a V.I.P there (sighhhh I wish I had that much money). The people working there were so polite. There were bodyguards (no idea what to call them) who saluted to us as we walked by T^T so nice~~ At the clubhouse was a pool, badminton court, ping pong court, gym, pool tables (I like pool… does that make me a gambler??), a fancy bathroom that actually had toilets since usually in China you have to squat,etc. We spent the good morning there.


That bathroom tho…


After that, we went to the mall and had KBBQ there for a good 2ish hours). At night, we had another interesting dinner. The restaurant provided a giant wok and poured whatever you ordered inside it. Then you cook it yourself and add whatever you want. There were also a lot of side dishes we ordered and it was so filling and delicious! That was my last night at China.


Their red-bean pasted thin pancake is SO good! Must Ask!!



Place name



View of China


The next morning we packed everything and returned to Macau. We ate at a cafe/restaurant for lunch and after took a ferry back to Hong Kong. We got back to my uncle’s place around 5 pm (?) and at a close-by mall I went last minute souvenir shopping lol. Sadly that was my last night in another country and my flight was at 12 pm the next morning.

I took Korean Airlines once again and stopped by Korea but I already wrote all that in Part 1 so go read that one! Well, that about wraps my 3 week trip to Hong Kong! I was pretty sad when we left, but my family already decided that we will be going back in 2 years and may even be stopping by Japan~

Good-bye T^T



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~CY @kpop9019


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