HK and Korea Haul

While you are in a different country, you are bound to buy new things so here is my little haul~


Let’s start off with the best deal! I brought this huge bundle of facial sheet masks at the Incheon Airport at Korea.

There are a total of 60 masks and it only costed $22 without tax. It was such an AWESOME 30 +30 deal! There are different types included like: Bamboo, Orange, Tea Tree, Rose, Tomato, and Olive. They all have different purposes like: hydrating, brightening, nourishing, and more. If you go to any south eastern countries, you gotta check out face masks~

In Hong Kong, I went to Sasa and got 2 different brands of blackhead nose strips. The brand ‘Kose’ costed $10 HKD more than ‘Biore’ so I hope it works better. I also got 1 pack of ‘Nexcare’ acne dressing which is basically clear round patches that you put on top of any upcoming blemishes or current ones. These make a pimple turn white or in other words the pus to come out easier. The only downside is that when you wear it overnight, it may come undone. I also got this as a substitute for the Cosrx ¬†acne pimple patches (which I’ve never tried but would love to)

Another thing I got at the Incheon Airport is the ‘Etude House’ Face Blur. I heard from a Youtuber that this makes the pores appear a lot smaller, brighten the skin, and works as a great primer. I’ve only tested this on my hand and I can see my skin get very light which gave me hope because I have some uneven complexion and acne scars.

And lastly in Hong Kong, I got this awesome skincare set (from their ‘The Chok Chok Green Tea’ line) from ‘TonyMoly’ for $126 (?) HKD which is like almost $16.

This set includes

  • The Chok Chok Green Tea No-wash Cleansing Water
  • ” ” Tea Watery Mist
  • ” ” Watery Cream
  • ” “Watery Mask Sheet (3)
  • Floria Whitening Skin Care Set (includes the Whitening Toner and Whitening Emulsion
  • Samples


Since the new school year is going to begin soon, I decided to get a new cute pencil case. This one has ‘Brown’ which is from “Line Friends”. I was a little sad that it says “Here we are in Taipei” and not “Here we are in Hong Kong” since I got it in Hong Kong. This was only $40 HKD which is $5 USD.

A lot of these souvenirs I got from a store called ‘Miniso’. This is a bunny pillow where you place your hands inside the hole in the middle of the bunny and then place your head on the back the bunny or behind its ears. It is SO soft and cute!!

Here are two coin pouches in the form of backpacks. I got these for my friends (even though I secretly wanted them for myself).


These are two animal hand towels that are really soft and cute (as well). I brought a lot of different sets but already gave them all away besides this one set which I’m keeping lol. The blue towel is obviously an elephant, but I have no clue what animal the pink towel is…


Does anyone have any clue what animal this is? Comment below if you do!


Annnd lastly, here are a bunch of snacks we’ve brought. Snacks (and food) is life and we spent over $400 HKD (around $50 USD) on snack alone. There were many stores that sold candy, crackers, egg rolls, etc. and for a reasonable price (according to what you buy). I seriously could just live off that store for probably over a year (maybe more!).

Just kidding, I also brought a T-shirt like top at Zara for $90 HKD ($11 ish USD).

A lil’ selfie~ (Does this even count as a selfie lol)

And that was all I got from my trip to Hong Kong and Korea. I already miss my vacation there; it was so nice and stress-free.

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~CY @kpop9019

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