Throwback Thursday #22- Caramel~

Hey everyone! This week’s Throwback Thursday centers on Caramel from the anime Yumeiro Patissiere.

This anime brought back childhood memories~ A little plot overview for those who never watched this anime: Ichigo Amano went to a Sweets Festivals and meets Henri-sensi. Henri-sensi compliments her powerful sense of taste and she enters into St. Marie Academy. Students there have 1 sweet spirit and Ichigo has one named Vanilla. These sweets spirits have powers to help make whatever sweets their owner makes even better.

I did like Vanilla, but my favorite sweet spirit as you all can tell, is/was Caramel. She was so sweet and innocent and was funny when she tried to stop Vanilla and Chocolat from fighting. I used a regular 0.5 mechanical pencil and eraser. I guess this is more of an outline then sketch.

Just looking at this drawing reminds me of how much I had enjoyed watching Yumeiro Patissiere~ It was such a light-hearted anime with cute characters and I obviously also like it because of the incorporation of food.

Maybe someday I’ll rewatch this anime haha, oh but one problem is that there is a ton of episodes… And does anyone have any anime recs? I’m currently only watching dramas since I can’t find any good animes. Pls. leave a comment below!

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~CY @kpop9019


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