While You Were Sleeping Kdrama Review

Hey everyone! I feel so sad that this drama has ended T^T

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Plot: Nam Hong-joo has dreams that can foresee future deaths. Jae-chan is a prosecutor who becomes neighbors with Hong-joo. One night, he has a terrible dream that an accident involving Hong-joo will happen so he tries to prevent it. The two work together to prevent their dreams and deaths from happening.

#of Episodes: 32 (each 45 mins long)

Genre: Supernatural, romance, drama

My Thoughts: At first when I read the plot, I was uninterested because it sounded a little silly to me, but I’m so glad I decided to give this drama a chance! It was REALLY GOOD!! The story line sounds so weird and honestly, doesn’t really make sense, but the drama itself was amazing. I would love to applaud the writers! I admit that at the beginning it was a little confusing to follow since there were flashbacks and it was hard to determine present from the past, but once you get past that point, everything makes so much sense! They reveal the past little by little and the feeling of getting the whole picture afterwards was so rewarding.

There is a love triangle in this drama. I haven’t mentioned the other character, but he is a policeman. At first, I had a hard time deciding on who I wanted to ship Hong-joo with since the two guys were so cute! Not to mention the policeman has a corgi who was so adorable!

There was also a lot of humor which made the drama even more enjoyable!

Characters: There is an antagonist and the main one would be Lee Yoo-bum (triggered from “Killing Stalking” lol) and he is a total jerk! I guess all credits should be given to the real actor for making his character so despicable. Bae Suzy plays Hong-joo and her acting skills have improved! She’s also so pretty and her makeup was very natural in this show. Lee Jong-suk who plays Jae-chan was as good and handsome as always~ Besides watching a couple episodes of “W: Two Worlds” (not sure of the title), this was the first drama I watched with him in.

For character growth, I would say Hong-joo probably had the most change. She went from being hesitant, scared, and close minded to confident, strong, and open-minded.

Music: I was very obsessed with a couple of songs of the OST. The music was very slow and romantic. A couple of my faves were: Henry: It’s You, Suzy: I Love you Boy, Eddy Kim: When Night Falls, and Monogram: Lucid Dream. Totally go check it out!!

Final Thoughts: This drama definitely has made it to my top 5 favorite Korean dramas! I’m having a hard time finding something else to fill up my time (although I just started “Korean Odyssey” which is really good!). I actually finished this drama a month ago, but I had been MIA for a while o>//3//<o  So I highly recommend you go check it out! And if you do/ did, leave me a comment down below with your opinion~

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