NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine Review

Hey everyone!! :DDD

[Note]: I postponed this post since forever!! I tried this sometime in early September and it’s been a month already… I wanted to post this on a Sunday since that is my beauty day and all, but then there were other things I wanted to post and I wanted to follow some type of schedule. I was also busy with school work and other activities so I didn’t have time to write it. So this got pushed way back and I was always conscious about this post and I finally got the chance to write it!! I know today’s a Monday, but I decided I didn’t want to delay it any further so here it is~

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The Benefits of Green Tea- Part 2

Hey guys, I’m back with part 2 of my short “The Benefits of Green Tea” series. In part 2, I said that I was going to share some beauty tricks you can use with an old green tea bag. You can make these with tea leaves if you like, but I don’t have any except the bags so… Anyways, I’m so excited to share them with you, being a makeup lover <33333. So let’s get started!

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The Benefits of Green Tea- Part 1

As you can tell from the title, this is going to be part 1 of this short 2 part series. Today I will list the benefits of Green tea and the next part will be how to use Green tea for beauty purposes. I’ve heard of numerous benefits green tea has towards the body and its functions. Based on a compilation of research, here are some info ^^

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