Throwback Thursday #21- Couples Pic.

Hey everyone! I’m finally back with a drawing~

I drew this in 20 mins, believe it or not, and during a group tutor session…. But I mean, I couldn’t help my sudden inspiration and I knew how to do the math, so all is well right? I used a normal black fine point pen and it is a reference from Google.

OH! Right, I remember now why I had drawn this. I had been thinking about my past drawings and remembered another old couples drawing which for my first I think I did ok on, thought it was cute, so I took up the challenge for another one!

So, I don’t really have any much to say. Pls. leave a comment below, like, and follow! Thanks for reading!!

~CY @kpop9019


Throwback Thursday #14- Drawing in the Field

Hey guys,

I’m back with another Throwback Thursday! I know I’ve missed last week’s and I haven’t been posting a lot and that’s due to school work. The entire month of October had been pretty hectic since I’ve been trying to get back into school mode and all the stuff all my classes required me to do was exhausting. This coming week I almost have the entire week off besides Monday and Wednesday, so I plan on updating more.

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