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A long delayed post~

Disclaimer: This post may involve some sensitive material so if you are easily butt-hurt, skip to the end for blog updates! These are all my personal opinions and in no way are they “absolutely” right. And none of these pictures are mine so all credits to original owners!

October was an eventful month in the Korean industry and I just wanted to highlight a few headliners.

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Hey guys!!

If you have been visiting my page today, then you would notice that my site has changed completely!! The reason for that is that I wanted to make my blog easier to navigate and to find all my posts!! So yesss everything is for my fellow readers, I can’t thank you all enough <333. I hope you all like the new look! It took me nearly 2 hours to figure out how to change everything… I’m very slow with computers and those stuff >//3//<.  I’ll try to make it cuter cuz I know there are some boring colors!! I hope you all stick around as I will be uploading a lot more different content so pls. stay tuned!!

-Well, thanks for reading! I just wanted to give a heads up to all my followers~ What do you think of the new look? Leave a comment below, like, and follow!!

~CY @ kpop9019