Spring Break Trip!


(This is a long over-dued post lol)

For spring break this year, I was able to travel to go travel to Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio! Tbh, these are just random pics I took during the trip and I was also very busy with all the traveling, so I apologize beforehand that I couldn’t take many scenic views of the states…

But without further ado, here they are:

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Inspirational Photos to Lighten the Day

Hey guys, yess it’s Monday again.. I know how you all feel, Mondays suck!! Whether you’re working or a student, we all feel the same :)) . Although I’m currently on summer break and don’t have to face the stress, I just wanted to share some pictures I took here and there to brighten the mood.These pictures are not all from the same locations and I was just feeling kinda artsy so here goes nothing~

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